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COVID Revelations

A university-wide research and impact project about the COVID crisis, in partnership with others within and beyond the University. This is centred on three interventions: disclosure, discernment and duty.

Is isolation a feeling?

I am feeling isolated. Is this a state, or an emotion? Rather than getting into the semantics of language, I will ask another question: what does isolation feel like? Isolation feels like being stuck on the couch...

Library Services and COVID-19

Library Hub staff and librarians working at libraries associated with the University are committed to providing continued access to library services and resources as the global coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves...


中国大陆 抵 澳高校学生及教职员工 须知 The Department of Education, Skills and Employment has updated its Coronavirus FAQs for international students. This updated fact sheet is also available in Simplified Chinese. Where can I get more...

Events relating to COVID-19

Community Response: Reflection and Meditation

Members of our University community are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by penning reflections, meditations and opinion articles.