Latest COVID-19 University News

The gift of patience

The scriptures have a lot to say about waiting. The psalmist calls out ‘how long’ almost more often than any other prayer. At times, it can seem that God is just far off or even indifferent to our circumstances, but as...

Student Unit Evaluation results

The impact of coronavirus on students this past semester has been significant as units moved to online delivery due to national and state gathering restrictions. The University is vitally interested in the experiences...

COVID Revelations

A university-wide research and impact project about the COVID crisis, in partnership with others within and beyond the University. This is centred on three interventions: disclosure, discernment and duty.

Is isolation a feeling?

I am feeling isolated. Is this a state, or an emotion? Rather than getting into the semantics of language, I will ask another question: what does isolation feel like? Isolation feels like being stuck on the couch...

Events relating to COVID-19

Community Response: Reflection and Meditation

Members of our University community are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by penning reflections, meditations and opinion articles.