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University of Divinity fees unchanged for 2021

The Council of the University of Divinity has determined to set 2021 tuition fees at the same price as 2020. The decision is made as a measure of supporting students in their studies through the financial challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The Australian Federal Government has released a new package of higher education funding changes which will affect how University awards are publicly funded. University of Divinity fees are not directly impacted by the funding arrangements of the Higher Education Support Amendment (Job-ready Graduates and Supporting Regional and Remote Students) Bill 2020, as we do not receive Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) for our awards.  

For the past three consecutive years, the University has been nationally recognised as having the most positive student experience of any university in Australia, according to the Federal Government’s Quality Indicator of Learning and Teaching (QILT) program, the Student Experience Survey. The University performed particularly well in areas of student support and teaching quality.  

These results reflect the dedication and passion demonstrated by our academic staff in providing a vibrant and critical learning experience, and the deep engagement with every student’s needs that is made possible by our small class sizes. 

From 2021, the University will offer not only a high-quality and rich learning experience for students, but also Australia’s most affordable University degrees in theology, counselling, ministry and philosophy.  

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