Cultivating patience, and working for justice, in the face of hardship

What do we learn through hardships and deprivation? What kind of person do we become through such experiences?

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Time is a strange thing. Although the constant ticking of the second hand of a clock reminds us that time passes at a constant rate, our experience of it is very different.

Caves and Lockdowns

Caves are often considered to be dark and unpleasant places, yet Plato and Inigo of Loyola let us see them as places for reflection and preparation for life.

Sustainable eating

Sustainable eating is great for the environment. But did you know eating consciously and reducing your food impact also has benefits for our health, as well as the Aussie economy?

Hydration and study

Water is essential for all the processes in our body – it helps our cognition, our energy production, has a role in digestion and absorption of nutrients, and aids in the elimination of wastes from the body. It’s...

University Gazette August 2020

The Gazette is a public document that reports the outcomes of meetings of the University Council and Academic Board since the last Gazette was issued. To view the latest University Gazette in pdf, issued 20 August 2020...

Do unto others

I often hear that people like Jesus’ encapsulation of the Law and Prophets in what has become known as the Golden Rule from Matthew 7. Or at least they like the sentiment behind it but wonder whether it is even able to...

Mary Ward Grant 2021

Applications close 7 October 2020. In order to promote the dignity and role of women in church and society, the Mary Ward Grant was established in 2000 to support specialist or post-graduate study of theology...

The gift of patience

The scriptures have a lot to say about waiting. The psalmist calls out ‘how long’ almost more often than any other prayer. At times, it can seem that God is just far off or even indifferent to our circumstances, but as...

On Gratitude

Gratitude is one way to enhance our resilience and endurance in these difficult days. Psychologists tell us that our brains our wired for the negative—a survival instinct so that we are always prepared for the worst...

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