Love, Respect and Courage: How the Church can tackle family violence

Thursday 4 April 2019 | What can the Church be doing to tackle family violence? This one-off event features an expert panel at the forefront of initiatives to educate and equip the Church in efforts to end...

Wine, cheese & good conversation

This year we will kick off with an evening conversation with a focus on climate change, with Dr Mick Pope joining us as guest speaker. Mick is a real modern polymath, with qualifications in meteorology...

Earth @ Peace Conference

At no stage during the 200,000 years of human evolution, have the Earth’s species experienced existential threats of the scale and intensity posed by climate change and nuclear weapons. Until now.

Public Forum Earth@Peace: Impossible Dream or Necessity?

23 April | Join us for an evening exploring the most critical issues of our time with leading scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds. Presentations will be followed by Q&A and lively conversation...

About RASP

The Centre for Research in Religion and Social Policy provides a means of engaging with the issues of the contemporary world – by stimulating research and engagement activity across the whole institution and by building external partnerships.

All RASP events are open to the public, unless otherwise indicated.

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Opinion articles by RASP members

Christianity in the Public Sphere

Members of the University’s Academic Staff and the Centre for Research in Religion and Social Policy (RASP) will be part of a panel of experts for the Institute for Spiritual Studies Christianity in the Public...

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