Author - Scott Kirkland

A figure stands on a cliff face, looking out across a stormy sea.

Theology of the Child

Often children are spoken about as sites of hope. What might it mean to hope for a child beyond projecting imagined futures? Toward the end of his time on earth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer proposed to write a theology of the...

The Interregnum

In these times in between times something about ordinary moments becomes legible. Scott Kirkland from Trinity College Theological School on 'The Interregnum'.

Freedom and Love

One of the things that it is easy to forget while “we” are in isolation is that not all of us are so lucky. Those who have been designated “essential” workers have been out and about, putting themselves in potential...

University of Divinity

Meditation: Eucharist and Absence

COVID-19 has brought the frailty and vulnerability of the body into sharp relief. Some have suggested that in the wake of COVID-19 we should consider practices such as virtual eucharists. I would like to suggest we...