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Reflection as we enter into Holy Week

On the verge of entering into Holy Week my thoughts turned to another single-celled organism we call yeast. In ancient Israel, yeast was removed from households for the week of Passover and the Feast of Unleavened bread...

Student Unit Evaluation results

The impact of coronavirus on students this past semester has been significant as units moved to online delivery due to national and state gathering restrictions. The University is vitally interested in the experiences...

University Gazette July 2020

The Gazette is a public document that reports the outcomes of meetings of the University Council and Academic Board since the last Gazette was issued. To view the latest University Gazette in pdf, issued 7 July 2020...

Sink like a stone

Dr Libby Byrne was the recipient of a University of Divinity research grant in 2019. Her research explores the idea of painting a contribution to a conversation about the lived experience of incarnational worship.

Trauma and ‘the new normal’

One of the phrases that must be in contention for the phrase of the year contest is ‘the new normal.’ Just searching the news gives over a million hits in the last month alone. But the rapid reoccurrence of this phrase...

Breaking the chain

The story in which Ishmael and Hagar are driven out into the wilderness by Sarah, with Abraham’s  complicity, has often been read as setting up the animosity which has persisted between different nations and faith...

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