Flourishing and Wellbeing – Call for Papers

Measurement, Meaning and Mindfulness in Health, Education and Work

Elizabeth Anscombe’s term ‘human flourishing’ describes the quest and desire for ‘the good life’—wellbeing or life in its fullness and wholeness. It has a sense of humans operating on all cylinders, on good relational terms with God, humanity and the earth. This symposium seeks to facilitate that quest in an increasingly fragmented contemporary context. We will address the occasional blurriness of the concept with the best science (measurement), philosophy and theology (meaning), and spiritual and psychological habits (mindfulness).

The symposium, presented in partnership with Australian Catholic University and Catholic Theological College (University of Divinity), aims to connect academics and reflective practitioners from the fields of health, education and workplace wellbeing. The balanced program offers outstanding keynotes, panels and opportunities for academics and professionals to present papers.
It is intended that the symposium will give rise to an international, peer-reviewed publication. It is also suitable for those seeking professional-development credit. The full program will be released in mid-2020.

Conference Information

Call for Papers

We invite papers on any topic related to the symposium’s themes, and especially those that engage multiple disciplines in the humanities and health sciences to explore human flourishing and wellbeing. Papers will be 20 minutes, with 10 minutes of discussion. Proposals should include a title and abstract (250–300 words).

The call for papers will close at 23:59pm on 15 March 2020. If successful, proposers will be notified by 27 March.

17 September – 19 September 2020

ACU Melbourne and
Catholic Theological College

03 9230 8373

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