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Caves and Lockdowns

Caves are often considered to be dark and unpleasant places, yet Plato and Inigo of Loyola let us see them as places for reflection and preparation for life.

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Do unto others

I often hear that people like Jesus’ encapsulation of the Law and Prophets in what has become known as the Golden Rule from Matthew 7. Or at least they like the sentiment behind it but wonder whether it is even able to...

The gift of patience

The scriptures have a lot to say about waiting. The psalmist calls out ‘how long’ almost more often than any other prayer. At times, it can seem that God is just far off or even indifferent to our circumstances, but as...

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On Gratitude

Gratitude is one way to enhance our resilience and endurance in these difficult days. Psychologists tell us that our brains our wired for the negative—a survival instinct so that we are always prepared for the worst...