Student Unit Evaluation results (Semester 2, 2020)

While studying in 2020 at the University, many students continued to rise to the challenges and horizons of the current times. In terms of the whole sector, the University of Divinity has maintained student satisfaction to a high level. However, we want to keep hearing your experiences and feedback on your units of study, and let you know the results. The semester 2, 2020 Student Unit Evaluation results were released recently. In the areas students have highlighted, staff are working to increase quality and improve the design and delivery of units of coursework study. These results are continually shared to encourage and thank you for your participation.

Students have made comments which show an appreciation of the importance of active participation in learning, including online, through the Learning Management System, ARK and the Library Hub. Lecturing staff have appreciated the hard work and patience of students in the mixed modes of learning and the resulting experiences.

Thank you, students, for your time and effort in sharing your experience. The University can grow and change because of your input.

The Student Unit Evaluation, Semester 2, 2020

Out of 1041 responses throughout the student body of the University surveyed (up 1.5% compared to responses from Semester 1), the percentages of those that strongly agreed to each of these aspects of their learning were:

Aspect of learning Strongly agree Increase/decrease since the  previous semester
Developing knowledge 66% Up 3%
Accessing Library Hub and ARK 58% Up 2%
Learning Skills 50% Up 5%
Clear Communication 65% Up 4%
Gaining a Clear Purpose 65% Up 2%
Receiving Helpful and Supportive Feedback 64% Up 4%
Participating Actively Online 60% Up 7%
Encouraged to Participate 64% Up 1%

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