Student Mental Health Study | Human Research Ethics approved

Telethon Kids Institute and the University of Western Australia are searching for students to participate in a research project that seeks to explore and understand the risk and protective factors of mental health in domestic and international students. This project has UWA Human Research Ethics approval (RA/2022/ET000959).

Part I of the study involves an anonymous online questionnaire which will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and both domestic and international students aged 18 and above, and studying in tertiary institutions (i.e., universities) in Australia are eligible to participate. Interested participants can leave their e-mail addresses to stand a chance to win one of 5 AUD50 vouchers. Responses to the anonymous online survey will not be linked to their e-mail addresses in any way.

Part II of the study involves an online focus group or one-to-one interview which will take approximately 60-120 minutes (1-2 hours). International students aged 18 and above studying in tertiary institutions (i.e., universities) in Australia are eligible to participate. They will receive renumeration of AUD25 for their time.

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The impact

This research will contribute towards a better understanding of the mental health needs of domestic and international students to allow us to provide them with better mental health support.

To find out more information please see the attached poster and for more information please see the attached Part I Participant Information and Consent Form.

Please contact Prof Ashleigh Lin or Shawn Raphael Tan from The University of Western Australia to confidentially discuss the study or ask any questions that you may have. You can contact Prof Ashleigh Lin at ashleigh.lin@uwa.edu.au or you can also email Shawn Raphael Tan at shawnraphael.tan@research.uwa.edu.au

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