2024 Conference adds keynote speaker Professor Stan Grant

2024: Raising our Tribal Voice for Justice An Indigenous Theological Revolution Conference Adds Keynote Speaker Professor Stan Grant

Melbourne, Australia – The School of Indigenous Studies (University of Divinity) is thrilled to announce the distinguished addition of renowned author and journalist Professor Stan Grant as another Keynote Speaker for the ground-breaking 4-day conference, “Raising Our Tribal Voice for Justice: An Indigenous Theological Revolution.”

Scheduled to take place in Melbourne from Monday 5 February to Thursday 8 February 2024, this historic event marks the inaugural national ecumenical gathering where Indigenous theologians from Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific will unite to call upon churches to champion the cause of justice and equality.

Professor Stan Grant’s presentation “Yindyamarra: The Love of the Afflicted” promises a thought-provoking exploration into the intersection of Indigenous spirituality and theology, offering unique insights into a Wiradjuri way of being and its transformative impact on our understanding of peace in Jesus Christ.

The conference, already featuring luminaries such as Professor Anne Pattel-Gray, Rev Canon Dr Garry Deverell, The Venerable Dr Lyndon Drake, Rev Prof Upolu Lumā Vaai, Dr Josephine Bourne, and others, is set to provide a profound blend of intellectual and spiritual exploration, interwoven with a rich celebration of Indigenous culture.

“As Indigenous peoples, we are reclaiming our voice, recognising that our faith plays a pivotal role in this process. Professor Stan Grant’s addition adds another layer of depth to our collective journey, compelling churches and Christian NGOs to mobilise their followers in addressing the injustices, inequalities, and systemic failings rooted in the history of the Church’s interactions with Indigenous peoples and their knowledge,” explains Professor Anne Pattel-Gray, Head of the School of Indigenous Studies at the University of Divinity.

The conference’s core objective is to foster a deeper understanding of First Nations’ spirituality, knowledge, Country, ecology, and history, driving individual and organizational transformation and restoration. It also presents a valuable opportunity for non-Indigenous individuals to gain insight into the Indigenous spiritual perspective, equipping them to walk alongside and collaborate effectively with First Nations people and communities.

“We, as members of the Christian community, are reminded of 2 Corinthians, chapter 5, verses 17-20, where God calls us to be Christ’s Ambassadors for justice and reconciliation. This conference stands as a conduit to our collective salvation as a nation,” Professor Anne Pattel-Gray further emphasises.

For comprehensive conference details, registration information, and access to the virtual livestream for remote participation, please visit: https://divinity.edu.au/university/school-of-indigenous-studies/conference-2024/

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