International Association for Mission Studies 2022 Conference

From the 7th-11th July, UD’s Morling College and the Australian Association for Mission Studies (Secretary: Rev Associate Professor Darrell Jackson, Vice-President Rev Dr Xiaoli Yang) are hosting the 11th international Assembly of the International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS). IAMS is the global body of scholars and teachers of missiology and Christian mission. It is ecumenical and includes a number of UD faculty among its current membership.

This Assembly, originally planned for 2020, would typically follow a pattern of meeting every four years. Spread over five days, the Assembly will see papers and presentations across Twelve Study Groups and Nine Thematic Panels. Each of these addresses the Assembly Theme of ‘Power, Inequalities, and Vulnerabilities: Mission in a Wounded World’

Over 100 international participants will be traveling from India, South-East Asia, South Africa, Europe, North and South America, New Zealand, and, of course, from across Australia. Another 100-120 will be joining us online from around the world for the hybrid-mode event.

Two of our plenary speakers will be interviewed for the ABC’s Soul Search radio program on Sunday 10th July, Dr Rosalee Velloso Ewell, a Brazilian theologian, and Dr Jooseop Keum, General Secretary of the Council for World Mission and former program executive at the World Council of Churches. Joining these two plenary speakers across the five days are the IAMS president, Professor Paul Kollman, Notre Dame University, Indiana, and Professor Emmanuel Katongole, also of Notre Dame University. A special Friday night program sees Dr Mike Frost chair a Q&A session with Dr Tim Silberman (Sydney Missionary Bible College), Dr Tanya Riches (Hillsong College), and Brooke Prentis (Aboriginal Christian Leader).

Further details are available at https://www.missionstudies.org.au/iams-15th-assembly/

Readers of VOX with an interest in the program may register via the AAMS wesbite for access to the Online sessions and the recordings of the various papers.

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