Vox Authors

Andrew Sloane

Reverend Dr Andrew Sloane was appointed Lecturer in Old Testament and Christian Thought at Morling College in 2002. He teaches in the areas of integration of faith and work, OT exegesis (Genesis, Deuteronomy, 1&2 Samuel, Ezekiel, Psalms), OT interpretation, philosophy of religion and bioethics. Andrew qualified in medicine and practiced briefly as a doctor before going into Baptist ministry. Prior to moving to Morling, he taught at Ridley College in Melbourne (1996–2002). He has published in Old Testament and hermeneutics, ethics, philosophy, and theology.

Brian Macallan

Dr Brian Macallan is the Associate Head of Bible, Theology and Ministry at Stirling Theological College and a Senior Lecturer in the University of Divinity. Brian's research has been in the areas of methodology within Practical Theology, Process Theology and more recently French and Process Philosophy with a particular focus on the work of Henri Bergson. Within a practical theological framework Brian has addressed questions around counter-terrorism, cancer and theodicy and an auto-ethnographic engagement with Feminist Theologies.

By the Well

By the Well is a weekly lectionary-based podcast for preachers by Fran Barber and Robyn Whitaker. Each week we’ll take a deep dive into one of the texts from the Revised Common Lectionary, exploring its ancient setting and how we might preach it today.

Carly Osborn

Dr Carly Osborn is a history of emotions scholar. She is the Research Strategy Officer at the University of Divinity, specialising in engagement and impact. Her research interests include: the theory of René Girard; history of emotions; violence, ritual and spectacle; tragic theory and catharsis.

Carolyn Alsen

Dr Carolyn Alsen is Learning and Teaching Manager in the Academic Programs department at the University of Divinity. Carolyn has experience in Higher Education management, academic quality and strategic planning, lecturing in biblical studies and linguistics, curriculum design, quality compliance and research in Australian and international Universities. In her role, Carolyn drives improvements to academic quality and student experience at the University.

Catholic Theological College

CTC is committed to the highest standards of teaching and research in philosophy and theology, within the Catholic tradition. It collaborates in the Church’s mission to spread the Gospel, and provides academic formation for people committed to the pastoral service of the Church.

Cathryn McKinney

Dr Cath McKinney is an alumna of the University of Divinity and Convenor-elect of the Australian Collaborators in Feminist Theologies.

Chris Monaghan

Reverend Dr Chris Monaghan is a Passionist who studied at Yarra Theological Union and then at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and Jerusalem. Since 1987 he has been lecturing at YTU in both Old and New Testament. The major focus of his teaching throughout these years has been Matthew, Luke-Acts and the letters of Paul.

During this period Chris has been engaged in adult education programs through schools, parishes and ministry to priests. Making the Bible in its richness accessible to people at all levels is an enduring passion.

Chris Mulherin

Christopher Porter

Chris Porter is a New Testament scholar working on the Fourth Gospel with a particular emphasis in the intersection of theology and psychology. He is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Trinity College Theological School.

Claire Renkin

Dr Claire Renkin has a PhD in Art History from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. She lectures in art history and spirituality at Yarra Theological Union, University of Divinity, Melbourne.

Colleen O'Reilly

Revd Dr Colleen O’Reilly is an Adjunct Lecturer at Trinity College Theological School.

Cullan Joyce

Dr Cullan Joyce is is a lecturer at Catholic Theological College and a member of the Department of Philosophy. He is also a founding member of Confluence, an alliance whose members are committed to exploring the interconnection between different traditions of meditative practice for people today.

Darrell Jackson

Reverend Associate Professor Darrell Jackson is Director of Research at Whitley College.

Deborah Kent

Deb Kent is Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Jesuit College of Spirituality.

Dorothy Lee

Reverend Canon Professor Dorothy Lee is the Stewart Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity College, University of Divinity. Professor Lee is an Anglican Priest and scholar of the Bible with a wide publication list.

Eric Trozzo

Dr Eric Trozzo is a Honorary Research Associate of the University of Divinity, based at Australian Lutheran College. He research focusses on Systematic Theology, Philosophical Theology and Cross-cultural theology.

Feminist Theologies

A leading voice for feminist theological scholarship and a hospitable hub for engagement with feminist approaches within Australia and the region.

The Australian Collaborators in Feminist Theologies network aims to consolidate and energise the University’s commitment to the participation of women and feminist scholars in the academy and the wider church. By fostering and forwarding feminist voice and vision we aim to promote Gospel justice by addressing issues relating to gender equality, class, race, sexuality, and ability.

Fergus King

Frances Baker

Dr Frances Baker RSM is Acting Master (Semester One 2019) of Catholic Theological College and a religious of the Sisters of Mercy (RSM).  She is a member of the Department of Moral Theology and Canon Law and the Department of Systematic Theology, and is Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education. She lectures in Moral Theology and Systematic Theology.

Gabrielle McMullen

Professor Gabrielle McMullen AM FRACI is Deputy Chancellor at the University of Divinity.

Following postdoctoral research in Germany, Professor Gabrielle McMullen joined the Department of Biochemistry at Monash University and also became Dean of its Catholic residence, Mannix College, in 1981. She was then Rector of Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) Ballarat campus from 1995-2000 and its Pro- and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) until February 2011. In July 2011 she was appointed a Trustee of Mary Aikenhead Ministries, which was established by Sisters of Charity of Australia in 2009 to continue their health and aged care, education and social service ministries.

Professor McMullen is a member of the Council of the University of Divinity and also of the Council of the Divine Word University in Madang, Papua New Guinea. Her other community contributions have encompassed membership of education, health, theological and community services boards. A member of the Australian Catholic Council for Pastoral Research, her personal research interests include Catholic identity and mission, and the history of science.

Garry Worete Deverell

Reverend Dr Garry Deverell is a trawloolway man and a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the School of Indigenous Studies in the University of Divinity. From 2019, Garry chaired the working group that conceived the model for the School and brought it into being. Garry is a theologian of liturgy and sacraments, of Christian community, and of Indigenous experience in the colonised world. He is the author of Gondwana Theology (2018) and The Bonds of Freedom (2008) as well as multiple journal articles and book chapters.

Gary Heard

Rev Dr Gary Heard is Academic Dean at Trinity College Theological School and senior lecturer in Pastoral Theology and Ministry studies.

Geoff Thompson

Glen O'Brien

Gordon Preece

Graham Joseph Hill

Reverend Associate Professor Graham Joseph Hill served as Principal and Director of Research at Stirling Theological College (University of Divinity) until March 2022. He has planted and pastored churches, and been in theological education for twenty years. Graham is the author or editor of six books including Healing Our Broken Humanity, (IVP, 2018, with Grace Ji-Sun Kim), Salt, Light and a City (Cascade, 2017), and Sunburnt Country, Sweeping Pains (Wipf and Stock, 2022). He also directs The Global Church Project

Guest Author

Hannah Hornsby

Heart of Life

His Grace Bishop Suriel

His Grace Bishop Associate Professor Suriel was the Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Melbourne, and the Chancellor and Dean of St Athanasius College. Bishop Suriel lectured at the University of Divinity in Religious Education, teaching units in religious education, youth ministry, comparative religions and pastoral ministry. Bishop Suriel concluded his role with the University of Divinity in 2018.


ISCAST is a network of people, from students to distinguished academics, exploring the interface of the sciences, technology, and Christianity. We are committed to Jesus Christ and we are convinced that Christian faith has much to say in engagement with the sciences. We are concerned that so many people, both outside and some within the Christian church, think that there is a destructive conflict between faith and science.

Jason Goroncy

Jason Goroncy (PhD, St Andrews) is Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Whitley College, the University of Divinity. His current research broadly engages questions in public theology, theology and the arts, death, and trauma.

John Capper

John Mark Capper is an ordained Anglican theologian, educational leader. He is the Academic Dean at Stirling Theological College, involved in organisational governance as well as in teaching and mentoring teachers in theological education.

John’s PhD is from the University of Cambridge, and his ongoing research is in joy, contemporary theology and ministry practice, and theological education, particularly the use of web-based technologies.

John McDowell

John C. McDowell is Professor of Philosophy, Systematic Theology and Ethics, and is Academic Dean at St Athanasius College.  Formerly Morpeth Professor at the University of Newcastle NSW and the Meldrum Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology at the University of Edinburgh, he was Cambridge and Aberdeen educated. A prolific writer, John has published 7 monographs, edited 8 collections, and contributed over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters.  His research interests coalesce on the issue of hope, and cover disciplinary interests in theology (particularly Karl Barth), ethical philosophy and theology, popular culture and critical theory.

Katharine Massam

Associate Professor Katharine Massam is the Academic Dean at Pilgrim Theological College, University of Divinity. Katharine’s research explores intersections between Christian tradition and wider culture in postcolonial, settler societies, including Australia. She writes on the history of Christian spirituality (especially Benedictine traditions), cross-cultural encounter in the Australian mission context, the dynamics work and leisure, and is especially interested in methodologies that open-up neglected sources and experience (such as historical readings of space and place, devotional literature, art, music, and material culture).

Kerrie Burn

Kerrie Burn is the Library Manager at Mannix Library in East Melbourne. While primarily serving the needs of staff and students of Catholic Theological College, Mannix Library welcomes all members of the University of Divinity community. Kerrie manages the University’s online Library Hub, which was launched in February 2016.

Kerrie Handasyde

Dr Kerrie Handasyde lectures in history at the University of Divinity, Melbourne, and is a committee member of the Australian Collaborators in Feminist Theologiesand the Religious History Association. She is currently preparing a monograph, God in the Landscape: Studies in the Literary History of Australian Protestant Dissent (Bloomsbury), and an edited volume, with Cathryn McKinney and Rebekah Pryor, Contemporary Feminist Theologies: Power, Authority, Love (Routledge)

Kevin Lenehan

Reverend Dr Kevin Lenehan is a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat in Victoria, ordained in 1993. He holds degrees from Monash University, Melbourne College of Divinity, and the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He is the Master of Catholic Theological College and has previously held roles at the College of Associate Dean (Postgraduate & Research) and Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology. His academic work is in the areas of fundamental theology, theological anthropology, religious education, and Bonhoeffer studies.

Kevin McGovern

Rev. Kevin McGovern is a Catholic priest. He is a former Director of the Caroline Chisholm Centre for Health Ethics in Melbourne, Australia. He is an adjunct lecturer at both Catholic Theological College within the University of Divinity and Australian Catholic University.

Liam Miller

Liam Miller is a Uniting Church in Australia Chaplain at Macquarie University and an alumnus of the University of Divinity. The interviews with theologians, practitioners, and artists from around the world form a resource for those considering how rich and robust Christian thought can constructively respond to the questions and needs of the day.

Libby Byrne

Dr Libby Byrne is an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Divinity. She works as an artist, art therapist and theologian following the invitation and discovery of art into new ways of being with people in liminal spaces.

Liz Boase

Associate Professor Liz Boase is the Dean of the School of Graduate Research and a biblical scholar. She is a senior academic leader in the University with responsibility for the higher degree by research and minor thesis programs, including oversight of students and supervisors, and the delivery of programs which support successful completion.

Lucy Davison

Mariam Imran

Marilyn Hope

Marilyn Hope is a PhD candidate at the University of Divinity, an Anglican Distinctive Deacon, and an Oblate of St Mark’s Abbey for over twenty years. Her thesis, 'St Mark’s Abbey, Camperdown: Model of Contemplative Life for the  Church?' will document it’s history since 1980, when it was founded by Fr Michael King OSB, and its place within the Anglican Church of Australia.

Mark Brett

Professor Mark Brett teaches Hebrew Bible and ethics at Whitley College and is in regular demand as a Higher Degree by Research supervisor and examiner. His work is concerned with the intersection between religion and politics in contemporary Australia and the South Pacific, and the lifting up of indigenous theological voices.

Mark Jennings

Mark Jennings is Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at Wollaston Theological College in Perth, Western Australia, and the Continuing Education Coordinator for the Anglican Diocese of Perth.

Mark Lindsay

Michelle Eastwood

Michelle Eastwood is a member of the School of Graduate Research at the University of Divinity where she is studying towards a Doctor of Philosophy.

Muriel Porter

Dr Muriel Porter OAM is an Honorary Research Fellow at Trinity College Theological School within the University of Divinity.
A journalist by profession and a historian by academic qualification, Muriel is currently a freelance journalist and author. Muriel's area of expertise is commentary on contemporary religious issues, particularly pertaining to women, gay issues, marriage, etc.

Naomi Wolfe

Naomi Wolfe is a trawloolway woman, and First Peoples Coordinator at the University of Divinity. Naomi encourages a collaborative learning between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff and students at the University to break down barriers destroy stereotypes and to cultivate new relationships based on respect. She has a professional and personal interest in Indigenous cross-cultural training and awareness as well as Indigenous pedagogies and theology.

Peter Campbell

Peter Sherlock

Professor Peter Sherlock is the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Divinity. He is a cultural and religious historian of Renaissance and Reformation Europe and an expert on governance and leadership in educational and church settings. A graduate of the University of Melbourne and the University of Oxford, his academic career has included an ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship in History at the University of Melbourne and four years as Dean of the United Faculty of Theology, Melbourne.

Professor Anne Pattel-Gray

Professor Anne Pattel-Gray is Professor of Indigenous Studies and inaugural Head of the School of Indigenous Studies at the University of Divinity. She is a descendant of the Bidjara / Kari Kari people of Queensland and a celebrated Aboriginal leader.

Rachelle Gilmour

Rachelle Gilmour is Bromby Senior Lecturer in Old Testament at Trinity College. She completed her studies in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible at the University of Sydney (PhD), before undertaking postdoctoral research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Edinburgh. She has also held positions as Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies at BBI: The Australian Institute of Theological Education, and research fellow at the Centre for Public and Contextual Theology, Charles Sturt University.

Robert Derrenbacker

Reverend Canon Associate Professor Robert (‘Bob’) Derrenbacker is the Dean and Principal of Trinity College Theological School. He grew up in upstate New York State in the USA. He attended Wheaton College where he earned a BA in Theology and Biblical Studies. He then received his Masters Degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts, USA. He, and his wife Cindy, then immigrated to Toronto, Canada where Bob earned a PhD in New Testament at the University of Toronto. It was there in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto where Bob was ordained Deacon in 2001, then Priest in 2002.

Robert Dixon

Dr Robert (Bob) Dixon was the Founding Director of the Pastoral Research Office, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, and is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Divinity.

He has authored and co-authored numerous publications about the demography of the Australian Catholic population, aspects of Catholic belief and practice, and Catholic parishes.

Robert Myles

Robert Myles is a New Testament scholar from New Zealand who is resident in Perth, Western Australia. He was appointed Senior Lecturer in New Testament at Wollaston Theological College from July 2021 and is accredited as a lecturer with the University of Divinity.

Robyn Reynolds

Robyn Reynolds olsh spent many years living and working with indigenous Australians in remote communities of the Northern Territory and after ten years as lecturer and Dean of students at Darwin’s Nungalinya College, came to Yarra Theological Union in Melbourne. Her areas of research and teaching are in Religion and Culture, Indigenous studies, Missiology, Spirituality, Religious Education, and Feminist Studies.

Robyn Whitaker

Reverend Dr Robyn Whitaker is a biblical scholar and historian with a particular interest in the contemporary use (and misuse) of the Bible in debates about sexuality, gender and ethics. Robyn has research expertise in apocalypticism and the related topics of end of the world speculation, martyrdom, and images of evil. Robyn is published in the areas of the visual culture of the Graeco-Roman world, its impact on biblical rhetoric, New Testament, and Judeo-Christian apocalyptic literature.

Ruth Mathieson

Sally Douglas

Sally’s interdisciplinary research spans biblical studies and systematic theology, as she reflexively engages with biblical and early church texts and the potential implications of re-engaging with, often suppressed, texts in contemporary context.

Samuel Curkpatrick

Dr Sam Curkpatrick completed a doctorate in ethnomusicology at the National Centre for Indigenous Studies (ANU, Canberra) and is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music, Monash University.
Sam teaches the theology unit Culture and CountryEngaging faith in contemporary Australian society at Stirling Theological College and is the inaugural curator of the Hindmarsh Research Centre, which gives focus to Churches of Christ memory, identity, mission and ministry.

Sarah Bacaller

Sarah is a graduate of Monash University (Arts) and the University of Divinity (Theology) and is a classroom and online tutor in the discipline of Christian Theology at Stirling. Sarah has undertaken significant research on GR Stirling’s Page 13 publications. As the Stirling Online Teaching Support Officer, Sarah works with the Academic Dean and the academic and administrative staff to develop Stirling Online initiatives, and to help Stirling continue to serve God’s church and people through online education.

Sarah Cook

School of Graduate Research

The School of Graduate Research (SGR) fosters a high-quality learning environment for higher degree by research students and their supervisors from pre-admission information through to post-candidature guidance and networking.

School of Indigenous Studies

The School’s mission is to encourage the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander theologies and ministries, and to decolonise the eurocentric versions of Christianity that remain dominant in this country.

School of Professional Practice

Scott Kirkland

Scott A. Kirkland teaches and researches at the intersection of political theology, philosophy, and theological ethics. He is also the Research Coordinator at Trinity College Theological School.

Sean Winter

Reverend Associate Professor Sean Winter is the Head of Pilgrim Theological College and an Associate Professor of New Testament at the University of Divinity.

Sean’s research interests focus on the letters and theology of Paul, with a particular interest in Philippians and 2 Corinthians. He also teaches and writes about issues relating to the historical Jesus and has an ongoing interest in issues of hermeneutics, especially theological hermeneutics with a focus on the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Shady Nessim

Shady Nessim is Associate Lecturer and Registrar at St Athanasius College. He is also an alumnus of the University of Divinity.

Sophia Keelan

St Barnabas College

St Barnabas College is part of the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide, serving the educational needs of the Diocese and the Province of South Australia. It delivers high quality undergraduate and postgraduate theological education, equipping clergy, laity, and ordination candidates for ministry in the church and for Christian life in the world.

St Francis College

St Francis College is the provider of theological education and formation for ordination for the Anglican Church Southern Queensland.

Stephen Burns

Stephen is Professor of Liturgical and Practical Theology in the University of Divinity. He is also Coordinator of Ministry Studies at Pilgrim Theological College, where he accompanies the candidates for public ministries of the church, and teaches across worship and ministry units. Further, he convenes the research work of the Australian Collaborators in Feminist Theologies.

Talitha Fraser

Talitha Fraser is the Administrator of the Australian Collaborators in Feminist Theologies network. She supports the work of the Convenor and Committee, network events and social media engagement.

Timothy Jones

Uniting College for Leadership and Theology

Vanessa Lania

Wendy Mayer

Professor Wendy Mayer is the Associate Dean for Research at Australian Lutheran College, University of Divinity. A trained classicist (in Greek and Latin language and literature), since gaining her doctorate in Studies in Religion, Professor Mayer's career has been research-focussed, fostering and mentoring a research culture that opens up and explores questions of relevance to the contemporary world.

Whitley College

Whitley College is a culturally diverse community of learners committed to practical expressions of God’s activity in the world. We wrestle together in spiritual formation through theological reflection, creative exploration and academic rigour.

Shaped by the Bible, and drawing on our Baptist heritage, we are responsive to the contemporary needs of church and society, affirming liberty of conscience in conversation with other traditions of religion and spirituality.

Our educational ethos unifies heart, thought and hands, giving priority to personal and social transformation.

Wollaston Theological College

Wollaston Theological College helps all members to become confident, passionate and equipped members of the Body of Christ, willing and able to engage dynamically and effectively with society.

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