Listening To The Voice Of God

Jessica Parsons, a current student at the Catholic Theological College, reflects on the experience of studying Theology. 

Doctrine, Truth and Pluralism

Explore doctrine in the church, its relationship to the bible, its witness to truth, and the possibilities of innovation with Rev Assoc Prof Geoff Thompson at Pilgrim Theological College.

Mary in the Christian Tradition

Mary in the Christian Tradition is a unit that looks at Biblical, theological, artistic, historical, musical and social ways in which people have celebrated the life of Miryam of Natzrat and equally how she...

Ethical Issues and Human Ageing

Australians are now living longer as individuals and as a society. A wide range of ethical issues and challenges confront us on the journey into old age. These will be common to all citizens. For Christians...

The Gospel According to Luke

Dive deep into the rich themes and theology of Luke’s Gospel with Rev Dr Kylie Crabbe at Pilgrim Theological College.

Doing and Living the Church’s Liturgy

A Yarra Theological Union unit examining a theological and pastoral understanding of the rites, patterns and corporate nature of the liturgy.

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