Study Theological German in 2020

Theological German covers most aspects of German grammar and syntax over two semesters. It does not require previous knowledge of German. It focusses on translation skills and reading comprehension (no...

Spiritual Care and Mental Health Scholarship

Now open for applications (closes 7 January 2020). The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart (MSC Sisters) will offer a scholarship of up to $10,000.00 to support a student (or students) to undertake a stream...

Study Tour of the Biblical Lands 2020

Jordan—5 days Recall Jesus’ baptism at “Bethany beyond the Jordan”, float in the waters of the Dead Sea, journey into the rose city of Petra, and visit the magnificent Decapolis city of Jerash. Israel and...

Semester 2 unit: Crossing the Street: Understanding Islam & Our Muslim Neighbours

Explore the historical development, central beliefs and practices of the Islamic faith. Engage with the challenges and opportunities to facilitate understanding, positive interaction and fruitful encounters...

Semester 2 unit: The Gospels and Mission

Research the mission understanding of the four Gospel writers and explore how this formed and reflected the mission of the first century church.

Semester 2 unit: The Church Under and Against Hitler

This unit will expose students to the conflict that arose between the Nazi regime and the German Protestant Churches (the Kirchenkampf - ‘Church Struggle’) in the early 1930s. Students will explore both the...

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