Study with us: Ecumenical Studies

Explore the key moments and achievements of the ecumenical movement in the 20th Century in this Semester 1 unit at Pilgrim Theological College.

Study with us | Becoming Flesh: The Incarnation of God

In this Semester 1 unit at St Francis College, students will examine in depth the core theological distinctives of the Christian faith—the incarnation of God in Christ and God’s triunity. Attention will be...

Study with us | Praying the Psalms: Theology, Poetry, and Liturgy

In this Semester 1 unit at St Francis College, students will identify the literary and poetic features of psalms and consider the contexts in which they were written, and how the Psalter as a whole has been...

Study with us | Gender, Justice, Empire: Contextual Readings of the Old Testament

This unit invites those curious and interested in reading and reflecting on Old Testament texts, particularly those which narrate the experience of women within the wider social and imperial contexts of the...

Study with us | Children and Families Ministry: Issues and Contexts

Addressing the theology, spirituality and sociology of the child in relation to family, church, faith, culture, technology, history and philosophical discourse, this unit develops critical skills for a...

Study with us | Christianity’s Big Ideas

Discover how Christian doctrine is a lively and imaginative aspect of the Christian faith. In this summer intensive unit at Pilgrim Theological College, you will encounter theologians from across many eras and...

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