Semester 2 unit: Crossing the Street: Understanding Islam & Our Muslim Neighbours

Explore the historical development, central beliefs and practices of the Islamic faith. Engage with the challenges and opportunities to facilitate understanding, positive interaction and fruitful encounters...

Semester 2 unit: The Gospels and Mission

Research the mission understanding of the four Gospel writers and explore how this formed and reflected the mission of the first century church.

Semester 2 unit: The Church Under and Against Hitler

This unit will expose students to the conflict that arose between the Nazi regime and the German Protestant Churches (the Kirchenkampf - ‘Church Struggle’) in the early 1930s. Students will explore both the...

Semester 2 unit: Transforming Urban Neighbourhoods

This unit aims to equip participants with practical insights, frameworks, tools and strategies to effect transformation in local neighbourhoods facing urban poverty. This includes: a theological and pastoral...

Semester 2 unit: Pastoral Care With People With Disabilities

This unit will address theological, liturgical, ethical and pastoral care issues associated with ministry with people with disabilities. Scripture will be examined as a means of reflection on contemporary...

Semester 2 unit: Theological Frameworks for the Spiritual Exercises

This unit will assist supervisors and spiritual directors to develop a deeper appreciation of the range of theological worlds that serve as a background and context to the Spiritual Exercises. This unit...

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