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Why research matters: inspiration

This article is written in memorium of Dr Michael Bowden (21 March 1947 – 11 April 2020), who graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Divinity in December 2019.  In accompanying students...

Why research matters: the ‘F’ word

What’s the ‘F’? ‘Fake news’? ‘Filioque’? ‘Facebook’? ‘Freedom’? or…? In a world of QAnon, Twitterati, and the myriad of social media platforms that masquerade as ‘news’ sources, it probably sounds terribly passé to...

Why research matters: the so what question

As a biblical scholar who has been a researcher for over twenty years now (where did the time go?), I have often been asked the “so what?” question. Why do you do research on the bible and what difference does it make?