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Why research matters: Storytelling

Good research always has a story to tell, and the best research invites us into that story, gripping our interest with the urgency or subtlety of the questions at stake. Storytelling is also part of the pleasure of...

Why research matters: inspiration

This article is written in memorium of Dr Michael Bowden (21 March 1947 – 11 April 2020), who graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Divinity in December 2019.  In accompanying students...

Why research matters: the ‘F’ word

What’s the ‘F’? ‘Fake news’? ‘Filioque’? ‘Facebook’? ‘Freedom’? or…? In a world of QAnon, Twitterati, and the myriad of social media platforms that masquerade as ‘news’ sources, it probably sounds terribly passé to...

Why research matters: the so what question

As a biblical scholar who has been a researcher for over twenty years now (where did the time go?), I have often been asked the “so what?” question. Why do you do research on the bible and what difference does it make?