Semester 1 unit | “Women are to be Silent”? Voices Of Women in The New Testament and in Orthodox Christianity

The position of women in the New Testament, especially in the epistles of the Apostle Paul, may appear contradictory. Some passages command women to be submissive, remain silent and not teach. Yet in other passages women were praised, spoke with authority, prayed, prophesied, owned property, managed finances, and headed households. In this unit we will unravel the conflicting evidence by undertaking an in-depth socio-cultural, historical, and literary study of the role of women in the New Testament, and how this image sheds light on the position of women in Orthodox Christianity.

Unit details

College St Athanasius College
Lecturer Dr Amir Malek
Level Undergraduate Level 1

Postgraduate Level 8

Study modes and times Online

Thursdays 6:30pm-9:30pm

Unit codes BN1500A – Undergraduate

BN8500A – Postgraduate Foundational

Contact Shadi Nessim for more information or to enrol at registrar@sac.edu.au

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