Danny Krivan

Taking up my role as Supervisor

Danny Krivan reflects on his experience in studying the Graduate Diploma in Professional Supervision at the University of Divinity in 2021.

What initially drew you to be interested in Professional Supervision, and why did you choose the University of Divinity as your provider?

I have always been interested in coaching, mentoring, spiritual direction and reflective practice. Supervision seemed to hold the promise of recognising each of those components while carrying out its own specific task. I chose to study Professional Supervision at the University of Divinity as I have studied with this University before.

What has your experience of the program been like?

This course has reeducated me in education.

To participate in the development of the course development, to be held accountable to integrate the theory with my practice, to embrace creative modalities as an equally informing data source as logic and thinking, to take up the role as learner and facilitator – all of this and more…

What words would you use to describe the teaching staff?

Energising, encouraging, life-giving, invitational, challenging, team focussed, prophetic.

What has been the highlight of the program for you so far?

Taking up my role as Supervisor.

What has been the biggest challenge of the program for you so far?

Academic expectation – of myself and for others, finding the time while balancing work life.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying Professional Supervision?

I recommend this course 110% – It is fresh and embraces new ways of reflecting and acting. We were very fortunate to have Cath McKinney, she has a way of opening doors and disarming or challenging others while maintaining vulnerability. Before studying, I recommend that you do some research about what Supervision is, as it has a very specific task.

I loved this course!



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