Dr Nixon de Vera

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Dr Nixon de Vera
Doctor of Philosophy Graduate (2019)
Trinity College Theological School
Reverend Professor Mark Lindsay and Dr Jason Goroncy
 The Suffering of God in the Eternal Decree: A Critical Study of Karl Barth on Election

My research deals with the question of whether God is truly capable of suffering or not. Karl Barth is my main dialogue partner in this project. The thesis argues that in Barth’s theology, God indeed suffers in Jesus Christ in light of the election and this statement also speaks about God’s eternal being.

I chose the University of Divinity for my research degree due to its interdenominational approach to research and exposure to ministry.

A highlight moment was actually when I was almost ready to give up. My principal research supervisor encouraged me to continue because he had seen in me the potential to finish on time and pass my examinations – he was right!

I am now working on editing my thesis for book publication.

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