Dr Mandy Dujunco

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Dr Normandy (Mandy) Dujunco
Doctor of Theology Graduate (2020)
Yarra Theological Union
Reverend Associate Professor Michael Kelly and Dr Edmund Chia
Inculturated Faith Formation of New Teachers through Narrative Theology

I was encouraged by a friend to look at the Doctor of Theology program offered by the University of Divinity back in 2016. I appreciated that the entire university was focused on theology. Its small size was also very attractive to me.

My research involved examining how faith is developed through the use of storytelling. My thesis proposes a framework that will allow Lasallian Schools in the Philippines to provide effective and inculturated faith formation for newly hired teachers. It suggests that the pattern of the ‘Hero’s Journey’ as proposed by the American Literature Professor, Joseph Campbell is a suitable foundation for such an endeavour.

There were several highlights. I particularly loved the moments when I would receive clarity and my thoughts and ideas seem to fall into place. I appreciate the struggle with trying to articulate my thoughts.

I am currently editing my thesis with the hope of publishing it into a book. I would like to continue to develop into a competent theologian whose focus is on the issues with regards to Catholic education.


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