The Bigger Picture: Indigenous theologian Garry Deverell on grounded spirituality

Soul Search, Dr Meredith Lake | ABC Radio National

What are the possibilities for a grounded spirituality, in the aftermath of colonisation? Indigenous theologian Garry Deverell has lived the search for a spirituality that connects land and body.

Garry joins Meredith Lake to discuss what some of the implications might be, even for non-Indigenous Australians.

And, we hear his reflections on the role of ritual, the possibility of reconciliation – and, his approach to decolonising theology.

Dr Garry Deverell is a Trawloolway man, connected to the north east of Tasmania. He is the inaugural Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow in Indigenous Theologies at the University of Divinity in Melbourne, and the author of Gondwana theology: A Trawloolway man reflects on Christian faith.

This is part three of our series The Bigger Picture, where all through the month of September, Meredith Lake pans out for a wider view of how religion and spirituality affect our inner and outer worlds, featuring distinguished guests with big ideas.

Duration: 53min 52sec


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Presenter: Meredith Lake
Producer: Mariam Chehab

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