Love Rinse Repeat: Ep.18 A Genuinely Theological Church, with Geoff Thompson

Liam Miller interviewed Reverend Dr Geoff Thompson about his new book, A Genuinely Theological Church: Ministry, Theology, and the Uniting Church. We dive into his robust and dynamic definition of theology (looking especially at the role of imagination in theology, and how theology is marked by puzzling proclamations, unexpected tangents and strangeness), we discuss the novel and particular nature of Christian confession, the post-Christendom church, the missional vocation of theology, and much, much more.

Theology does more than train people for ministry. It shapes the church’s collective imagination.

A challenge for our theological communities is to expand the range of conversation partners so that the narrative we tell is rich enough to be worthy in the broader conversation about what reality is; what the world is; what life is, that is going on all around us.

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