Graduates at the 2019 Perth Graduation Ceremony.

Our students say: best university study experience in Australia

For the third year in a row, the University of Divinity has been nationally recognised as having the most positive student experience of any university in Australia, according to the 2019 Student Experience Survey results.

The Student Experience Survey (SES) is part of the Federal Government’s Quality Indicator of Learning and Teaching (QILT) program and “provides a national architecture for collecting data on key aspects of the higher education student experience” (qilt.edu.au).

At undergraduate level, “in 2019, 93 per cent of students at the University of Divinity rated the quality of their entire education experience positively, while the University of Notre Dame Australia and Bond University both recorded 88 per cent and 87 per cent respectively” (2019 SES National Report).

At postgraduate level, the University of Divinity is also ranked with the highest quality of entire educational experience of all universities in Australia, receiving a rating of 87.6 per cent.

The University of Divinity performed exceptionally well across both undergraduate and postgraduate results in categories of student support (94.8 per cent UG, 87.8 per cent PG), teaching quality (90.7 per cent UG, 88.6 per cent PG) and learning resources (90.1 per cent UG, 88.5 per cent PG).

These results follow a series of surveys over the past three years, in which the University of Divinity has consistently received the highest overall student satisfaction ranking of any Australian university.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Sherlock, commended the academic and support staff at each of the University’s eleven colleges for their significant role in the results and their commitment to demonstrate the University’s Vision and Mission, including “excellence in learning, teaching and research”.

Professor Sherlock said:

As a community of scholars, we celebrate the recognition of outstanding tuition and student support provided by our staff. This recognition is due to their passion and dedication in providing a challenging and deeply engaging learning experience for students.”

“Along with the outstanding indication of satisfaction, it is pleasing to note the high level of participation from our students in this survey. We are delighted and thank our students for their participation and advocacy of the University.”

All figures quoted are taken from the National QILT Report. You can read the full 2019 Student Experience Survey National Report online.

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