Professor Peter Sherlock and Associate Professor Bishop Suriel signing the Collegiate Agreement.

UD signs new Collegiate Agreement with St Athanasius College

The University of Divinity is delighted to announce that on Sunday 15 July 2018 a new Collegiate Agreement was signed between the University of Divinity and St Athanasius College.

The signing of the agreement, by Professor Peter Sherlock, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Divinity, and His Grace Associate Professor Suriel, Principal of St Athanasius College, took place during the dinner for the major international conference, Copts in Modernity, hosted by St Athanasius College and the University of Divinity.

At the dinner, Professor Sherlock commended the College on its progress since it joined the University of Divinity in 2012 as the first Coptic Orthodox College in the world to receive University accreditation:

Since 2012 the College’s maturation has been very impressive, with growth in student numbers, in the qualifications of academic staff, and in the creation of an outstanding new CBD campus at Eporo Tower. It has been a privilege and delight for members of the wider University to learn from the Coptic tradition and to benefit from Coptic hospitality, and to be inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the College’s leader, His Grace Bishop Suriel. We look forward to working with the College in the years ahead as it continues to grow in research, teaching, and equipping people for leadership and service in church and community.

This agreement, which is for a term of seven years (2018-2024), was authorised by the University Council following a Major Review of the College in 2017. The University Council commended the positive growth of St Athanasius College over recent years. When the last Collegiate Agreement was signed, the College was accredited to teach a single award only, the Diploma in Theology. Under the leadership of Bishop Suriel, St Athanasius College is now accredited to teach twelve of the University’s awards, from diploma to doctorate.

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