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The Leaven in the Council

The Leaven In The Council: Joseph Cardijn and the Jocist Network at Vatican II, by Stefan Gigacz is now available.

Based on his PhD thesis with Yarra Theological Union and the University of Divinity, Stefan’s book traces the origins and sources of Cardijn’s thought and methods of lay apostolate formation.

It traces the contribution that Cardijn and over 200 other bishops, theologians and lay people, who were formed by the YCW and its sister movements, made to the Second Vatican Council of the Catholic Church.

It shows how the Cardijn vision and method of lay apostolate offers important keys for understanding the teaching of the Second Vatican Council. This is particularly relevant in the light of Pope Francis’ recent insistence on the continuing importance of Vatican II.

And it offers significant points for reflection in light of the forthcoming Australian Plenary Council.

For more information, please visit www.australiancardijninstitute.org or email the Australian Cardijn Institute at australiancardijninstitute@gmail.com

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