Strengthening Spirit–Releasing Potential

Strengthening Spirit–Releasing Potential: Spiritual Direction for Leadership and Organizational Development, by Dr Bernadette Miles, is now available.

The cover of Strengthening Spirit–Releasing PotentialHave you ever wondered what releasing spiritual potential in the workplace might do for your organization? In today’s climate of colossal and incredibly fast global change, the world needs new ways to develop discerning leaders to consciously lead our community of life into the future. Though there are many books on leadership, they rarely engage the importance and relevance of spiritual development and spiritual accompaniment in organizational discernment and leadership development. Spiritual formation through spiritual direction has the potential to transform the way we lead organizations in secular and religious settings.

“Linking cutting edge organizational thinking with Ignatian spiritual direction, which assumes the implicated order of a divine creation, she shows how leaders can open institutional paths which release untapped potential to transform their organizations in making real differences in the world, particularly when gripped by crises.”

John Bazalgette
Founding member of The Grubb Institute


“It is rare indeed to find a book in which in-depth scholarship, skilfully integrated across multiple disciplines, is charged with the sparks of stardust that illuminate whole new horizons. Dr. Miles has achieved this in remarkable measure. Her book is an essential companion, inspirer, and empowerer of all who engage in roles of authentic and holistic leadership in humanity’s quest to become the best we can possibly be in whatever field we serve.”

Margaret Silf
Author and retreat facilitator, Scotland


Bernadette Miles is a co-director of the Kardia Formation P/L and an honorary post graduate researcher with Stirling Theological College and the University of Divinity.

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