Student Unit Evaluation Project, Semester 1, 2022

Thank you for Participating!

I want to thank our students for participating in the Student Unit Evaluation project this Semester 1, 2022. At the conclusion of your units, you receive a link on your ARK dashboard to the survey that forms the project. These surveys form ongoing data-driven decision making to improve the student experience of units and learning at the University. These improvements would not be possible without your commitment to sharing your feedback to your lecturers and Colleges. We are listening to your feedback on your studies and seeking ways to communicate the results.

What are the Results?

There were 402 units run in Semester 1, 2022 at the University. Out of 1609 individual invitations, there were 692 individual student responses. Of those students who responded the percentages of those that strongly agreed to each of these aspects of their learning below were:

  • Learning General Skills: 46% – down from Semester 2 2021 (52%)
  • Developing knowledge: 63% – steady from Semester 2 2021 (63%)
  • Encouraged to Participate: 65% – up96% from Semester 2 2021 (64%)
  • Participating Actively Online: 54% – down from Semester 2 2021 (57%)
  • Clear and Timely Communication: 61%- down from Semester 2 2021 (63%)
  • Gaining a Clear Purpose 64% – up from Semester 2 2021 (65%)
  • Helpful and Supportive Feedback: 58% – down from Semester 2 2021 (62%)
  • Resources, Library Hub and ARK: 56% – up from Semester 2 2021 (55%)

What Happens Next with the Results?

Results Overview: In the next few weeks, College leadership will discuss the survey items and results, sharing with staff and the College community.

Sharing Results: College staff and leadership consider the detailed results through unit review and other curriculum action plans. These plans for the curriculum are also detailed through Colleges at Academic Board to share new initiatives and innovations in future units.

If you need assistance in completing a Unit Evaluation, please see your College staff or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on the website: https://support.divinity.edu.au/students/student-unit-evaluations/


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