Student Surveys – Have your say

The University of Divinity surveys its students to gain valuable insights that help improve the experience for current and future generations of students.

Annual Student Survey

16 May – 4 June 2023
Completed through ARK

The University of Divinity Annual Student Survey is conducted for a 3-week period for all currently enrolled students. This is an opportunity for students to tell the University about themselves, their goals, dreams and their study experience so far.

All responses are confidential and are de-identified for reporting purposes. A summary of the results is published on VOX after the survey period concludes.

Student should check their inbox for an email invitation to participate through ARK.

Student Unit Evaluation Surveys

Semester 1 unit surveys commence from 24 May
Completed through ARK

Students receive an invitation to participate in a Student Unit Evaluation Survey for each unit they undertake.

The University encourages students to participate as the results will assist the teaching College and the University to improve student experience, unit quality and enhance teaching and learning. All responses are confidential and de-identified for reporting purposes. The lecturer(s) will only receive aggregated reports.


  • I found studying Liturgical theology and Practice very rewarding. Although my transfer from CSU to University of Divinity had some ups and downs; the college has been very motivational and supportive to everyone within the semester.
    I remain optimistic to work towards archiving my dreams.

About VOX

VOX brings members of the University, especially academic staff, into conversation with churches, the community and you. It publishes original material and may republish or link to items from blogs, social media and news media.