Revd Steve Sutton appointed Interim Principal of Stirling College

A Statement from the Stirling College Board, March 2022

The Stirling College Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Sutton as Interim Principal of the College for the remainder of 2022.

Following the recent resignation of the current Principal, Dr Graham Hill, the Board considered a range of attributes and candidates for the role and determined that Steve’s unique blend of skills, including his recent service in the Stirling Board, made him ideally suited to this current season in the life of the College.

Steve will also continue to serve ongoingly as Senior Minister of Bayview Church and it is a great credit to him, as an experienced servant of God in that role, that he is also willing and able to assume this important leadership position. Naturally, the Boards of the Church and College will work together to ensure a seamless transition for everyone concerned.

Steve is looking forward to the role, commenting as follows.

“It’s an honour to have been appointed Interim Principal of Stirling College. I look forward to serving alongside Stirling’s faculty and staff, and our many partners to continue the college’s rich tradition of Christ-centred learning.

“As a former student, I know from firsthand experience that Stirling is dedicated to helping people engage deeply and meaningfully with their faith, and practically equipping them to serve the church and broader society.

“Although it will only be for a short season, it will be my privilege to support Stirling in its call to deliver education and training that is relevant to people’s everyday lives and the needs of the local church.”

The College is currently in the process of farewelling Graham as he relocates to Western Australia from Monday 7th March. Steve will commence with the College the following day.

The Board will then continue its work in recruiting a suitable longer-term candidate to assume the important role of permanent Principal from 2023, a year in which the College is expecting to relocate to a new home.

With these arrangements, the College remains confident that the exceptional range and quality of its program offerings will continue to place current and prospective students on the cutting edge of ministry and leadership development.


Dr. Rob Nyhuis


Stirling College

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