Raising our Tribal Voice for Justice – Conference update day 4

As we approach the final day of the “Raising Our Tribal Voice for Justice: An Indigenous Theological Revolution” conference, we find ourselves immersed in the profound echoes of the last three days—filled with deep discussions, meaningful connections, and powerful reflections. In this respectful, inclusive, and safe environment, we’ve witnessed celebrations, tears, empowerment, and a collective hope for a future built on justice, truth, and reconciliation. Enjoy these images from this historic conference that captures the essence of the experience to date.

Today, as the conference concludes on Day 4, we eagerly anticipate the response from Church leaders to the voices of Indigenous theologians. In a historic moment, Right Reverend Dr Keith Joseph, Lt Colonel Greg Morgan, Rev John Gilmore, and Rev Sharon Hollis will lend their voices to the ongoing dialogue for truth, justice, and reconciliation. This marks a significant milestone in our collective journey towards understanding and unity.

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