Holding up half the sky | Seminar series

Holding Up Half the Sky: A Biblical Case For Women Leading and Teaching in the Church seminar series.

This online seminar series is great to run in a small group, ministry team, the local church, college or seminary class, or even to watch alone. Buy the book for yourself or your whole group and start soon!

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Videos in this series:

  1. The full 48-minute seminar, on a biblical case for women leading and teaching in the church.
  2. The book launch webinar.
  3. The full seminar divided into 8 shorter videos, covering these 8 teaching topics:

The eight teaching topics in the shorter videos:

  1. What’s the purpose of this book (Holding Up Half the Sky)?
  2. What are some core biblical egalitarian convictions?
  3. What about passages like 1 Timothy 2:8–15?
  4. Are there some bigger biblical themes that are relevant?
  5. How do church systems and structures hold women back?
  6. How do we have a respectful conversation about the issues?
  7. What misconceptions exist regarding biblical egalitarianism?
  8. What can we do to bring change?

The theme of this video series:

Women have played significant roles in ministry and leadership throughout the history of the church and the pages of the Bible. Today, women make up more than half the church, and do much of the mission, ministry, and discipleship in the life of the church. But women have often been held back from ministry roles.

Rev Assoc Professor Graham Joseph Hill outlines the biblical vision for women in ministry and leadership. He offers a biblical and passionate call for women to be released to teach, to lead, to preach, to serve, to pastor, and to minister in every area of the church. The Bible paints a radical vision of women, empowered and emboldened for full ministry participation in Christ’s church. The biblical vision for women and for their role as teachers, witnesses, disciplers, and leaders transforms not only personal lives, but also the church and the world.

This book (and video teaching series) offer a biblical case for women teaching and leading in the church. Hill then explores practical ways that we can empower and release more female leaders in the church, and ways that we can amplify the voices and honor the gifts of women in the way Jesus intended. Together women and men can revitalize the church and renew the world.

Where to buy the book:

  1. Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/holding-up-half-the-sky-graham-joseph-hill/1136980594
  2. Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Holding-Up-Half-Sky-Biblical/dp/1532686110 
  3. Book Depository: https://www.bookdepository.com/Holding-Up-Half-Sky-Graham-Joseph-Hill/9781532686115
  4. Koorong: https://www.koorong.com/product/holding-up-half-the-sky-a-biblical-case_9781532686115
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