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New Awards in Professional Supervision at the University of Divinity

Admissions are now open for the new Professional Supervision Awards being offered by the University of Divinity in 2021: the Graduate Certificate in Supervision and the Graduate Diploma in Supervision.

These awards have been developed as part of the University’s Strategic Goal, Changing Culture: Responding to the Royal Commission, and represent a significant step forward in the work of the goal. Associate Professor Frank Rees, Chair of the Academic Board and University Council member noted, “This ongoing goal is a key part of the University’s Strategic Plan.”

The Professional Supervision Awards are being delivered directly by the University in order to create a substantial, diverse and ecumenical cohort of students. As well as enabling dynamic peer-to-peer learning, this will support formation of supervisors with an understanding of diversity and denominational interests across a range of Christian traditions, providing the independence recommended by the Royal Commission (Recommendation 16.45).

Associate Professor Rees commented,

The Professional Supervision Awards have been developed through consultation and collaboration: with the University Executive [the Vice-Chancellor and all the College Principals], by the processes of the University’s Academic Board, and by a Taskforce with members from a range of Colleges and a breadth of expertise.”

The University’s stakeholders were surveyed and external reviewers contributed their experience. The Professional Supervision Program develops and replaces courses in Supervision taught until now by Stirling Theological College and Jesuit College of Spirituality. Associate Professor Rees thanked and commended the Supervision staff and students of these Colleges. Students who are currently enrolled in Supervision awards can transition to the new Program and complete their awards.

The Professional Supervision Program is being taught fully online, through synchronous experiential learning sessions together with non-synchronous content. Session times are designed to be user-friendly to all time-zones in Australia and New Zealand. The courses recognise the importance of enabling trained Professional Supervisors in regional and remote areas, as well as in cities.

Academic staff are being drawn from the best in the field from the University of Divinity and external specialists, overseen by a Professional Supervision Program Committee. The newly appointed Professional Supervision Program Coordinator is Dr Cathryn McKinney. The Library Hub provides Library Services and support.

Professional Supervisors make a difference

These awards prepare a diversity of people to become professional supervisors, equipping them to supervise others in a wide range of areas: local church ministry, chaplaincy, health, education, leadership and governance, intercultural and mission organisations. Graduates may work for a denomination or organisation, or as an individual practitioner, or both. Professional supervision is increasingly valued in all the helping professions.

A Professional Supervisor has knowledge, skills and experience to provide a structured relationship of trust and transparency in which supervisees can review their work/ministry in groups or individually, in person or online.

Professional Supervision is designed to sustain participants in addressing complex situations and navigating change. Professional Supervision:

  • enhances effective ministry and work practices;
  • provides accountability;
  • promotes ethical behaviours and engagement;
  • encourages theological reflection;
  • develops self-awareness; and
  • supports resilience.

Admissions are now open. For course details, how to apply and more information visit the webpage: Professional Supervision Program

Professional Supervision Program

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