Practical Theology as a Practice of Hope

Inaugural Professorial Lecture of Reverend Professor René Erwich.

Professor Erwich was appointed a Professor of the University of Divinity by the University Council on 31 October 2019. He is noted for his outstanding contribution to research, leadership in the academy and engagement with the churches and community.

In celebration of the appointment, the University has invited Professor Erwich to give an inaugural professorial lecture. The lecture took place at 6:30pm on Monday 7 December 2020. Due to COVID restrictions, the lecture will be held online.

Practical Theology as a Practice of Hope: Reflections on a discipline that connects

Practical theology is meant to be a practice of hope that interacts and connects with the complexities of our life and world today. Starting from core theological convictions regarding hope, education, formation and research are practices that contribute to new wisdom. In order to do so, practical theologians work together with others in intradisciplinary communities and networks that connect to our present challenges.

Electronic copy of the lecture text

A PDF of the lecture text is available on request. Please contact Meg Nelson at mnelson@divinity.edu.au.


The event was livestreamed to YouTube and can be watched here.

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