Reverend Professor René,Erwich

René Erwich appointed Professor of the University

Congratulations to Reverend Professor René Erwich, appointed a Professor of the University of Divinity by the University Council on 31 October 2019. Professor Erwich is noted for his outstanding contribution to Research, Leadership in the Academy and Engagement with the Churches and Community.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Sherlock, said that:

“Professor Erwich’s contributions to theological scholarship, research and leadership are great gifts to the University of Divinity, Whitley College, and the societies we serve. This professorial appointment recognises his sustained commitment to engagement with the issues of the contemporary world, and as such exemplifies the University’s Vision. I look forward to the continued leadership Professor Erwich will provide in and beyond the University, especially in applied and collaborative research.”

The citation for the appointment is:

Professor René Erwich is an internationally recognised expert in Christian theology and ministry and its application to contemporary society. His research involves a hopeful articulation of Christian faith in engagement with the needs and challenges of secular society. He has been the recipient of several major grants for applied and collaborative research, including projects on spiritual leadership in a post-Christian society and Christian identity in health care. Professor Erwich is also widely recognised for his teaching in pastoral theology and missiology. Scholarly appreciation of his work has led to numerous guest lectureships and conference presentations in many parts of the world. He has rendered significant leadership to the church and academy as Research Professor in Theology at the Ede Christian University in the Netherlands and since 2017 as Principal of Whitley College.


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