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In a multi-pronged strategic program, the University is currently rolling out digital credential experiences for staff through our Learning Management System, ARK. A microcredential is designed as a very small unit of study, with small credit awarded. As it is learning for a short period (around one morning of work) a microcredential focusses on one concept or one practical skill. The time taken to complete the training is not tied to due dates and can fit into the class and work schedule of staff. The mix of both convenience and workplace practice is designed to enhance both the joy of teaching and enhance the quality teaching goals of the University.

Our processes at the University of Divinity have accreditation and collaboration in mind, both to accredit lecturers with the right qualifications, and to model mentoring for lecturers in their workplace. When good things are achieved or discovered, then we celebrate them together. Facilitation of professional development in the University has already begun to open up different College educational innovations and effort, which toward the goal of more student satisfaction and enjoyment.

The University of Divinity boasts a diverse and expert array of academic teaching staff. In the Higher Education sector, a range of professional development strategies exist to further enhance the quality of teaching and the student experience. These can be multi-faceted for lecturers, including advice on assessment, building critical thinking about their own teaching and developing a teaching style. Online teaching environments are a growing aspect of the University which is commonly recognised as a specialist teaching area in the sector. Other specialist areas of pedagogy are inclusion, accessibility, higher degree by research supervision and academic skills for writing and publication.

For the rest of 2019, a free pilot program in microcredentialled learning for lecturers will be provided. A select group of academic staff will be invited to enrolment in a training experience that combines online convenience with added practical workplace applications. A set of three micromodules are available on ARK: How to Create a Microcredentialled Module for Professional Learning, How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint© and Podcast Pedagogy. The digital credentials of these learning experiences can be stored indefinitely for academic credit, for example in the Graduate Certificate of Theological Education, or other professional development achievement goals. Interested academic staff members are invited to participate in the pilot, by contacting their Head of College and registrar for enrolment in the modules on the Professional Development ARK page.

ARK users can view the page here.

Microcredentials PD on ARK

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