Introducing the School of Professional Practice

The University of Divinity is delighted to announce the launch of the School of Professional Practice.


The School of Professional Practice exists to meet current and future needs in faith-based agencies, churches, and other organisations for mature practitioners in a range of professional disciplines.

There is an urgent need for programs that equip students to pursue their vocation and passion and that create graduates with the professional training and recognition to meet the needs of the industries, employers and communities they serve.

To meet this need, the School equips graduates to engage authentically and to flourish in their role in the service of others in areas such as aged care, counselling, health, leadership, professional supervision and spiritual care.

What we value

  • Human flourishing leading to good living together
  • Mature ethical practice
  • Disciplined, critical reflective praxis
  • Clarity of purpose in role
  • Collaborative innovation, integrative application impacting community
  • Theological and spiritual awareness

What we do

  • Deliver academic courses and professional development experiences that bring participants into contact with academic and professional experts to meet the needs of industry and the wider community
  • Create research and thought leadership that responds to contemporary issues and is transformative of wider society
  • Use collaborative approaches, transformative enquiry and contemporary educative processes in the development of ethically mature professional practitioners
  • Offer services to employers and professional associations seeking educational pathways for their mission and workforce development

Learn more

Visit the new webpage for the School of Professional Practice to learn more about educational offerings, the School Leadership, campus facilities and more.

Learn more about the School of Professional Practice

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