International Symposium on Coptic Studies

Lisa Agaiby

Copts in Modernity

St Athanasius College (SAC) and the University of Divinity co-hosted the 5th International Symposium of Coptic Studies themed Copts in Modernity that focused on the history of the Coptic Church and community between the 18th and 21st centuries.

The event, held at SAC’s new city campus, took place from Friday 13 July to Monday 16 July 2018. Following the opening speech by SAC’s Dean, Associate Professor Bishop Suriel, Professor Peter Sherlock, the Vice-Chancellor (University of Divinity), and Professor John McDowell, the Director of Research (University of Divinity), gave welcoming addresses to the delegates. A gala dinner in honour of the delegates and guests was held on Sunday evening during which Professor Sherlock and Associate Professor Bishop Suriel, signed the Collegiate Agreement for another 7 years. The symposium brought together 27 local and international speakers (from Scotland, London, Geneva, Amsterdam, Cairo, California, New York, Chicago, North Carolina, Moscow, and Tokyo, as well as from Sydney and Melbourne), and included three renown scholars in the field of Coptic Studies: Professors Nelly Van-Doorn Harder (Wake Forest Univ., NC), Mark Swanson (Lutheran Theological College, Chicago), and Maged Mikhail (Mikhail (Fullerton Univ., California). Papers were presented on a range of topics from historical, hagiographical, liturgical, and theological to ecumenical. The event was attended by 146 participants, and a wonderful cohort of 60 SAC volunteers. Proceedings from the symposium will be published.


All photos courtesy of Bassem Morgan, St Athanasius College

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