Jesuit Intellectual Apostolate Meeting

Jesuit Intellectual Apostolate Meeting

An Intellectual Apostolate meeting for the Australian Province of the Society of Jesus was held on Friday 10th August in Parkville.

Twenty-four academics (only three non-Jesuits) attended, including local and interstate Jesuits.

Some key highlights:
* Fr Chris Wilcock SJ shared his experience as a musician in residence;
* Fr Brendan Byrne SJ shared insights on his new book on Paul;
* Deborah Kent (CEO-Principal of JCS), Fr RB Hizon SJ and Fr Jinhyuk Park SJ shared their research and received helpful critical feedback and encouragement
* Fr John Martis SJ shared his sequel to his last book
* Fr Justin Glyn SJ shared his follow-on research following his licence in Canon Law.

This was an important gathering to meet and share ideas amongst the Jesuit Intellectual Apostolate community.

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