Rowan Strong appointed Professor Emeritus of the University

Congratulations to Reverend Professor Emeritus Rowan Strong, appointed Professor Emeritus of the University of Divinity by the University Council on 8 November 2023.

In announcing the appointment, Professor Peter Sherlock Vice-Chancellor said:

“The University of Divinity honours Rowan’s immense contribution to theological education, scholarship and research over the past forty years, especially in the area of church history, and your contribution to the flourishing not only of generations of theological students and graduates but also to the whole people of God.”

About the appointment, Rowan said:

“I am cognisant of the honour the university does to me in offering me an Emeritus Professorship, and of the exalted company I now find myself in among previous Emeriti.”

To be appointed as Professor Emeritus of the University a person must have rendered sustained and exceptional service, through leadership or personal performance, which has added to the reputation of the University. Rowan is the sixth person appointed Professor Emeritus of the University.

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