2017 Travel Grants to Oikonomia Network, Karam Forum


Reventure is an organisation established 60 years ago by 13 Christian denominations to provide care and compassion to workers in the marketplace. It has a rich history and understanding of the impact of work on individuals, families and church communities.
Today, we provide a range of specialist human resource services, chaplaincy and pastoral care to over 500 Australian companies and organisations. We understand the world of work in Australia. Furthermore, our understanding indicates that there is an emerging interest in how theological colleges and universities can integrate into their curriculum aspects of what it means to integrate faith and work into whole of life discipleship experience, beyond Sunday.
Our purpose in awarding these annual grants is to nurture this growing interest among Australian theological educators. We expect that this emerging interest group will grow overtime and will develop research and teaching avenues that will enhance a wider understanding on what it means to be a Christian at work, the role of the local church in nurturing and equipping believers and how to respond to the changing culture of the Australian workplace and the future of work.

To this end, we will be awarding grants to theological educators who are seeking to integrate faith and work education into their teaching curriculum along with research and links with the Australian workplace. As a beginning, these grants will be awarded to attend the Oikonomia Network, Karam Forum in March 2017. (www.karamforum.org) Grants will cover flights, accommodation and registration.

We will then support the growth of this interest group in Australia working closely with the Oikonomia Network and other international theologians interested in this field of practical theology. In time, we expect to sponsor a conference for those Australian theologians who want to see this field of interest grow and impact the Australian Christian worldview of work and faith. We would like to see a curriculum focus on integrating faith into work in a way that builds confidence; research avenues exploring new insights in how to grow relationships between the workplace and church communities along with an understanding about the cultural dynamics of business, church and where individuals can see their purpose and meaning live!
We would expect that the awardees will meet at least twice a year to further this field of interest.

Successful awardees:
It is likely that the individual will have a genuine interest in this field of endeavour, leadership capacity to initiate change and a demonstrated enthusiasm to communicate value and opportunity within their institutions. The awardee will be required, on return, to write a report on the value of the experience and implications for their own institution and role they will play in implementing change and impact.

Next Steps:
If you are interested in seeking further information, please contact Dr Lindsay McMillan 0409186322, or email lindsaymcmillan@reventure.com.au

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