Positively Life-Changing

Isabelle Scott reflects on her experience in studying the Graduate Diploma in Professional Supervision at the University of Divinity in 2021.

Throughout my life I have always wanted to understand others and myself better so we can live harmoniously together with our difference and uniqueness of being. I am a person who likes colour, contrast, variety, surprises and look for the individual beauty they offer.

As a dressmaker’s daughter when I heard, “blue and green should never be seen” I always responded with “yes they can!”

My role as a chaplain constantly places me face-to-face with different worldviews and behaviours to my own. My desire to be genuine, authentic, humble understanding and compassionate in our encounters has been my driving force to study Professional Supervision. I chose the University of Divinity as the course provider due to their high standard of excellence and confidence that I would become skillfully trained to become a Professional Supervisor. UD offered up-to-date research, methods, tools, exemplary staff and experiential learning to foster insight how to connect one’s personal and professional selves and how to practically and non-judgementally address real-life issues that are encountered in professional situations, and upon completion I could register with a professional supervisors’ association.

The course has been positively life-changing as I have been (safely) challenged out of my comfort-zone and encouraged to go ‘a little deeper’ to think more broadly.

I have matured both personally and professionally and gained a ‘new lens’ to view situations. The online learning was interactive and engaging and I felt connected to my fellow students due to regular ‘small group’ discussions and practical sessions. I would describe the teaching staff as caring, creative, knowledgeable, humorous, enjoyable, adaptable and genuine.

A highlight for me was having Professor Susan Long join us as a guest lecturer – her breadth of experience, research, knowledge, understanding and her enquiring mind was magnetic and infectious and transformed me to embrace the ‘unknowing’ as a friend and enjoy the journey that leads to discover ‘knowing’. I have also really enjoyed the diversity and richness of the teaching industry professionals and the opportunity to attend and participate at NIODA 2021 Symposium. My biggest challenge so far has been the pressure I place on myself  wondering, ‘have I answered the Assessment Tasks correctly?’

From here, I plan to register with a Supervisors Association to begin this very rewarding career path. I am also interested in further study to gain insight and understanding into cultural identity and its impact in our workplaces, and to begin conversations that may unlock the social reality of racism.

If you have been thinking about studying Professional Supervision and willing to be stretched to go beyond technical conversations, and you can visualise yourself as an active participant supporting others in their professional learning journey, then I say ‘go for it.’


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