Semester 2 Unit: Understanding Religion in Australian Society

“Understanding Religion in Australian Society” is a unique unit, offered on campus at Wollaston Theological College and externally through Wollaston and the University of Divinity. Everything you’ve always wanted to know about religion, modernity, society, and Australia but were afraid to ask! The unit begins 31 July, so you don’t have a moment to waste – inquire and enrol now.

Unit Code

AR3000T / AR9000T

Unit description

In this unit, we will examine the relationship between Australian society and religion through socio-cultural studies, religious studies and history. Firstly, a historical and socio-cultural approach will uncover the ways that religion has shaped Australian society. Secondly, we focus on religious phenomena in Australia, including Aboriginal Spirituality; Christianity; Buddhism; Islam; Judaism; Bahá’í; Hinduism; Pentecostalism; as well as the absence of religious faith (sometimes, but erroneously, called secularism). Students will present on issues that they may encounter in practice, and how these may be negotiated. Finally, we will envision the future of religion in Australian society.

More information and enrolment enquiries

Email: info@wtc.perth.anglican.orgTel: (08) 9425 7270

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