Semester 1 unit | Jesus Christ at the Margins

Semester 1 unit at St Athanasius College

This compelling new unit on Christology and contemporary mission will address the question “How do we understand Christology today?” After reviewing the various Christological interpretations in history, one receives in-depth knowledge about the divine (transcendent) nature of our Lord. Here, many often remain within the knowledge of the incarnated God alone, ignoring the significance of the human (immanent) nature of Christ. Indeed, in Christian history, the immanent nature of Christ has not gained as much as the transcendent one has. As the miaphysite Christology envisions, one cannot separate Christ’s divine and human nature into two.

Upon the above fundamental principle of Christology, this study explores the meanings of the transcendent and immanent nature of Christ within our ecclesiastical and social context. In this unit, an attempt is made to understand the immanent nature of our Lord and its corresponding purpose without separating the transcendent nature. This unit, therefore, seeks to critically examine Christ’s engagement with people, especially those who are categorised as social margins.

Through a biblical and patristic survey, the unit determines how contemporary theologians have appropriated to articulate a contextual Christology. By tracing this perspective from the Gospels, anteNicaean and post-Nicaean teachers, and modern theologians, this unit seeks to estimate the missional significance of conceiving Christology through the life of vulnerable communities

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College St Athanasius College
Lecturer Fr Dr Jacob Joseph
Level Level 3; Level 9
Study Mode Online – Synchronous
Unit Code
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CT3720A (Undergraduate)

CT9720A (Postgraduate)

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