Semester 1 unit | Jesus Christ at the Margins

This advanced unit seeks to critically examine Jesus Christ’s engagement with the people who were categorized as at the social margins. Through a survey of ‘Jesus Christ and margins’ in the biblical and patristic works, the unit will determine how this has been appropriated by contemporary theologians to articulate a contextual Christology. By tracing this perspective from the Gospels, ante-Nicaean and post-Nicaean teachers, and modern theologians, this unit seeks to understand the missional significance of conceiving Christology through the life of vulnerable communities.

Unit details

College St Athanasius College
Lecturer Fr Dr Jacob Joseph
Level Undergraduate Level 3

Postgraduate Elective

Study modes and times Online

Monday 6:30pm-9:30pm

Unit codes DM3720A – Undergraduate

CT3720A  – Undergraduate

DM9720A – Postgraduate

CT9720A – Postgraduate

Contact Shadi Nessim for more information or to enrol at registrar@sac.edu.au

1 comment

  • Hi St A. I am a Pilgrim College student. I would love to do a unit like this. It fits in with my serious interest in what way Jesus is a symbol/icon of God in our shared humanity.
    Also I would love to experience something of that ancient Coptic flavour.
    At 71 and part time I am not in a hurry. I am doing a systematic theology unit this semester but maybe some other time.
    Cheers, Ivan.

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