Semester 1 unit | From Birth to Death: Life, Loss, and Liturgy

Humans develop and grow through many different life-stages from pregnancy to death, each of which calls for theological reflection and liturgical response. The church celebrates and marks these life-processes through its liturgical life which has developed over time and will continue to respond to the changing ways that communities and individuals engage with their faith. In this unit, these key liturgical moments will be explored theologically and practically. Students will have an opportunity to develop skills in writing and leading liturgy for the church as it engages with and celebrates the life of its members.

Unit details

College St Francis College
Lecturer The Rev’d Dr John Rolley
Level Level 3 Undergraduate

Level 8 Postgraduate

Study modes and times Online – Synchronous

Online – Asynchronous

Monday 6:00pm-09:00pm AEST

Unit codes DL3001Z


Contact Registrar Dr Sheilagh Ilona O’Brien  (sheilagh.obrien@anglicanchurchsq.org.au) for more information.

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