Icons "written" by the students from the 2022 cohort.

Semester 1 unit | Coptic Art and Iconography I

Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the symbolic and theological meaning of icons. This is a practical unit where emphasis will be placed on the “writing” of icons as an important method of transforming the sacred invisible into the visible image. Students will study the important role of sacred art in Coptic culture and its role in liturgical life. Finally, students will develop skills and techniques required for writing icons such as preparation, design, colouring and gilding.

Unit details

College St Athanasius College
Lecturer Mr Ashraf Fayek
Level Undergraduate Level 1

Postgraduate Level 8

Study modes and times Face to face

Fridays 6:30pm-9:30pm

Unit codes DL1410A – Undergraduate

DL8410A – Postgraduate Elective

Contact Shadi Nessim for more information or to enrol at registrar@sac.edu.au

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