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Rev Dr Anne Mallaby, outgoing Academic Dean of Whitley College, in conversation with other wonderful women of the Whitley College community considering some of the creative nuances of theological reflection today.

Conversation recorded 17 August 2020

Reverend Dr ANNE MALLABY, Whitley Academic Dean (2018-2020)

By Marita Munro

That Reverend Dr Anne Mallaby chose to mark the conclusion of her term as Whitley’s Academic Dean (2018-2020) with a webinar titled ‘Women at Whitley’ testifies to her qualities, gifts and character as a leader, theological educator and pastor. Anne took on the role of Dean during a time of major transition and change for Whitley College. This was in addition to her other responsibilities as a Lecturer in Pastoral Studies. She brought to the Dean’s role a spirit of collegiality, grace, warmth, flair and hard work. Regrettably, ill-health meant the relinquishment of a role which also involved untold hours contributing to the wider University of Divinity’s teaching and learning processes.

What matters to Anne can be summed up in her own words:

Some of the things I think are important in theological education [are] particularly the significance of hospitality, inclusion and creativity”.

What better way to demonstrate this than to invite six of Whitley’s women theological educators* including their first female Dean, Reverend Merrill Kitchen, to share a conversation with Anne about the place of theological education in the light of their own experience and professional practice? The conversation ranged far and wide, drawing upon insights from art, story, history, pastoral care, engagement with youth and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities. Panel members reflected on the distinctive contribution that female teachers and principals bring to theological education. Underlined was the importance of providing safe spaces for individuals and communities to explore the big questions of life and faith, and to experience a diversity of voices and perspectives.

We wish Anne every blessing as she enters the next chapter of her life. We are delighted to learn of her plans to collaborate on a book about Art and Theology – a particular passion of hers – and to do some more teaching in areas of Pastoral Theology that she finds particularly live-giving.

(*Reverend Merrill Kitchen, Dr Lynn Moresi, Dr Libby Byrne, Ms Mia Kafieris, Reverend Meewon Yang, Reverend Dr Marita Munro)

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