Past COVID Revelation events

Watch recordings of past events within the COVID-Revelations research theme.

Indigenous Perspectives

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples experience the pandemic in ways that are unique to their experience as both First and colonised nations. This panel explores that unique experience.

Panel members

  • Garry Deverell, trawloolway man and Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow in Indigenous Theologies, University of Divinity (Moderator)
  • Naomi Wolfe, trawloolway woman and Dean of the UD’s Indigenous Studies programme (NAIITS)
  • Mark Yettica-Paulson, Birrah, Gamilaroi, Bundjalung man and Director of SuperNative Unlimited, Brisbane
  • Glenn Loughrey, Wiradjuri man and author of Blackfella’s Youngfella
  • Victor Joseph, Torres Strait Islander man and Principal of Wontulp-Bi-Buya College, Cairns

Plague, Pestilence, Pandemic

Professor Peter Sherlock hosts a panel of international scholars to discuss faith-based responses from scripture and history to plague, pestilence and pandemics.

Panel members

  • Professor Peter Sherlock, Vice-Chancellor, University of Divinity (UD)
  • Dr Karen Jillings, Senior Lecturer in History, Massey University
  • Rev. Associate Professor Monica Melanchthon, Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible, Pilgrim Theological College (UD)
  • Rev. Dr Robyn Whitaker, Senior Lecturer in New Testament, Pilgrim Theological College (UD)
  • Professor Lyndal Roper, Regius Professor of History, Oriel College, Oxford University

COVID and Ministry

Since the advent of COVID-19, many questions and challenges have emerged for Christian ministers and for local congregations.

  • What does it mean for the Church when we can no longer gather?
  • How is faith maintained, when we can no longer worship together, share in the sacraments and receive each other’s support?
  • What does this mean for the sense of calling of priests and pastors, whose life is defined by these activities?
  • Are there lessons to be learned about this time from the experiences of the Church in other times and places, whether pandemics or persecution have also brought challenge to the people’s understanding of what it means to be a community of faith?

These questions invite both practical responses and profound theological reflection. In this session, a group of ministry leaders and local clergy will reflect together on their own experiences and of others in their communities, to explore these issues and invite a continuing conversation about what the Church can learn during this time.

Panel members

  • Reverend Associate Professor Frank Rees, Chair of the Academic Board, University of Divinity
  • Reverend Fran Barber, Continuing Education and Leadership Development Coordinator, Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania
  • Reverend Dr Colleen O’Reilly, Chaplain, Trinity College Theological School
  • Reverend Dr Craig D’Alton, Vicar, Christ Church South Yarra
  • Reverend Fr Tony Doran, Parish Priest, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ringwood

Conversations in religion and the healing arts

Professor Wendy Mayer from Australian Lutheran College joined an international online panel of experts to discuss ‘Conversations in religion and the healing arts’.

This event is sponsored by Christ College and by the John R. Eckrich Chair in Religion and the Healing Arts at Valparaiso University, Indiana, United States of America.

Panel Members

Anna Rebecca Solevåg, Professor of New Testament, VID University, Stavanger, Norway
“Medical knowledge and religious conviction in the midst of a pandemic”

David M. Craig, Professor of Religious Studies, IUPUI, Indianapolis
“Health, wellness, and responsibility: Learning to connect”

Wendy Mayer, Associate Dean for Research, Australian Lutheran College
“Insights from the brain: Neurobiology, religion, and wellbeing”


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