Victorian COVID-19 Update for Higher Education

COVID-19 isolation requirements have changed

The Victorian Government has announced the end of the Pandemic Declaration and associated Pandemic Orders.The following settings, based on advice from the Department of Health, will apply from 11:59pm tonight, Wednesday 12 October 2022.For students and staff in Victoria, it is strongly recommended that:

  • Any person who has tested positive for COVID-19 should stay home and isolate for 5 days and not return to onsite work or study until they are no longer symptomatic.
  • Any person who has symptoms, but has not tested positive, should not attend their place of work or study until they are no longer symptomatic.

Reporting positive COVID-19 test results

The Department of Health recommends that a person who tests positive for COVID-19 inform those with whom they have recently been in contact, including their workplace or place of study and household.

Face masks

The Department of Health recommends that masks should be worn by a person who has COVID-19, for at least 7 days after a positive test, when they need to leave home.

In addition, students and staff who wish to wear a face mask are welcomed to do so.

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