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University of Divinity Reappoints Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Sherlock for Third Term

The University of Divinity is pleased to announce that Professor Peter Sherlock has been reappointed as the University’s Vice-Chancellor for a third term from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2026.

In April 2021, the University Council unanimously resolved to renew Professor Sherlock’s appointment for five years. Professor Sherlock has served the University as its inaugural Vice-Chancellor since 2012.

The Chancellor, Dr Graeme Blackman AO, said that in considering Professor Sherlock’s reappointment the University Council praised his visionary leadership of the University and its Colleges.

Over the past decade Professor Sherlock has been an outstanding Vice-Chancellor who exemplifies the University’s vision and values. During his tenure, the University of Divinity has consistently achieved the best student engagement results of any Australian University. He has overseen the growth of the University’s reputation for innovation and quality in education and research, particularly in development of the Indigenous Theologies program, while providing leadership to the wider theological education sector in Australia. Moreover, he continues to make a significant and growing contribution to public theology, and remains active in his own research as an historian and theologian.”

In accepting his reappointment, Professor Sherlock drew attention to the passion and commitment of the University’s staff, students and graduates to excellence and service in a wide variety of areas from theology and spirituality to education and counselling.

I am deeply honoured by the Council’s invitation to continue to serve the University. One of the privileges I enjoy as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Divinity is to work closely with a wide range of people, especially in the University’s Colleges. Through these relationships I am constantly encouraged by the extraordinary contributions our staff and graduates are making in so many places and professions to the pursuit of truth and the service of others,” Professor Sherlock said.

This is a critical moment in human history. The University of Divinity’s theological education and research are of vital importance to delivering the resilience, creativity, collaboration and love our world so urgently needs. I look forward to continuing to advance this mission in the years ahead.”


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