University of Divinity contributes to Atla Digital Library – a first for an Australian library

The University of Divinity is the newest contributor to the Atla Digital Library, making it the first institution outside the United States to contribute a digital library collection. Atla (formerly the American Theological Library Association) has created this Digital Library to provide access to digital collections of interest to religion and theology researchers. Atla Digital Library is a standards-compliant, sustainable, and inter-operable hub that promotes visibility and access to valuable digital collections.

The digital images that have been added to Atla Digital Library come from Mannix Library’s Archbishop Goold Special Collection. Over 1,000 items that still survive from the personal library of Melbourne’s first Catholic Archbishop, James Alipius Good, are housed at Mannix Library. These items were discovered as part of an Australian Research Council-funded project that explored three aspects of the legacy of Goold through his personal collection of paintings, his architectural commissions and his library.

Approximately 3,000 images to date have been taken of items from Goold’s library collection. They focus on provenance, letterpress, woodcuts, engravings, and lithographs connected to Goold’s interests in Baroque art, prints, and gothic revival architecture, as well as other images of historical interest.

Further information about the collection (including some highlights) is available on the Atla Blog post https://www.atla.com/blog/atladigitallibrary-university-of-divinity/

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